The Square Scarf

The Square Scarf

Heather Rose
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Just like each wearer, all of my scarves are one of kind!  Each scarf is individually crafted and hand-dyed. Because of this artisanal process, no one scarf is like the other. Each has something unique and something special to offer

This great jersey cotton scarf is so versatile it can be worn and used in a variety of ways! (Scarf,  shawl, dress, top, skirt, nursing cover, blanket, beach towel, and so much more)

The cotton used for the square is soft, stretchy, & absolutely essential for travel.

~Reusable storage pouch.
~ jersey cotton. 
~non-toxic dyes 
~heather rose label stamped on outside corner 
~ dimensions are 50"H X 50" W. 
all scarves handmade & slightly vary in size