Sweaty's for Charity

The Sweaty Blonde is a new business created by pure happenstance.  A victim of the economic fallout yet never losing sight of how fortunate I was and remain to this day.  I was able to my start-up business by living at home expense free.  Saving money during the COVID Crisis has been a silver lining and allowed me to fully fund my little business without any loans just yet. Saving money due to a stay at home order led me to explore a few options...continue to save and get the heck out of dodge, head to Music City with college friends to start over once this Coronavirus settles down or start my own business.  Watching the news, the latter looked like more of a reality with a reasonable time frame given I am still in quarantine for a few more days until we move to the next phase of opening.

As I created the business plan, it was very important that beginning Day One, The Sweaty Blonde aligned with a charity of choice for a reason that spoke to me at that moment in time.  Each month The Sweaty Blonde will donate 10% of sales proceeds to a special charity.  All Monthly Charity information will live on the homepage so please have a look and if anyone has a cause they feel strongly about please get in touch, maybe we can partner one month.

So the more we sell the more we donate!!

xo - Liv