The Sweaty Blonde started as a hobby account on Instagram in 2017.  My plan has always been to build a lifestyle brand but that also seemed so overwhelming and where/how do you even start?  Fast forward to March 2020, on Friday the 13th to be exact, I am laid off from my first corporate job in NYC post college graduation.  I am also living at home in Quarantine, Lockdown, Stay-At-Home whatever you want to call it with my parents, 15 year old brother and our 3 year old Golden Retriever.  Things were looking really good...NOT!!! We did add a perfect Mini Goldendoodle, Hudson to our Quaranteam, Week 4 which was a bright highlight!!
Like so many this time at home gave me ample opportunity to try my hand at many things.  I dabbled in painting, puzzles, cooking, organizing, mixology and tie dye to name a few.  After sporting my Hand Dyed sweatshirts on Social Media to rave reviews and a few requests asking to purchase them...The Sweaty Blonde was born! (no pun intended) We started strictly online in May 2020 + expanded to wholesale that summer.  

As the business saw continued growth throughout the first year both online and wholesale, it became clear I need help, someone with experience that could help me continue to scale. Lucky for me, my mom spent the better part of her 25 year career in corporate sales and training at a few well known fashion + jewelry companies. 

Mom, aka Jen officially joined me as a partner in December of 2020 with a mission to grow wholesale and expand categories beyond The Sweaty Blonde. 
While we never considered a retail location as part of “the plan”, that changed when a favorite little house off the beaten path became available in our happy place, Block Island, RI. Exactly 1 year to the day, we opened …on the WAY! • Block Island. Our little shop features The Sweaty Blonde along side some unique, small independent designers creating a one of a kind shopping destination on our favorite little island. 

We didn’t stop there, in August 2021 we launched LiV designs, a hand crafted jewelry line highlighting our love of turquoise, natural woods, neutral tones and lots of texture. While getting ready to close our shop for the season, we began to think about what the “off season” would look like that did not include a retail location. In fact, we were brainstorming ways to redefine the way women shop multiple categories. Our vision quickly became reality when The Sweaty Blonde • …on the WAY! was transformed into a mobile boho’tique. We launched in October 2021 + within the first week we booked multiple events both private + public. 
Everyday is different + we continue to pivot based on the needs and wants of our customers and clients. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to build a brand with purpose, from passion that allows us to promote positivity!! 

Thank you for your continued support.
xoxo, Liv + Jen