The Sweaty Blonde ~ Love What You Do!

Hey Sweaty Friends,

It’s hard to believe The Sweaty Blonde turns just 1 month old today!

I had no idea on May 18th when I sold my first sweatshirt, Tropical Blast that thirty days later I would be an incorporated business, having made at least one sale every day (most days multiple sales), available in a boutique location with 2 more on the way and exploring line extensions beyond the basic Sweaty! Very exciting and nerve wracking too, it’s really hard making so many decisions everyday especially when it’s my very own P&L I am managing.

Building a business was not on my bucket list but then again being laid off in the middle of a pandemic during a stay at home order was not anything I ever expected or planned for either.  A quarantine project gone well you might say! 

It’s not all sunshine and daisies although I finally understand that phrase “love what you do and it won’t feel like work” or something like that.  I’m only accountable to me and yet I’ve been on Block Island, (my happy place) The Sweaty Blonde Summer Headquarters for 3 weeks and I have not taken a beach day...just morning walk for the dogs, but I’m not feeling sorry or mad - I know I could go if I really wanted to but I would rather stay back, get in my little zone and create the goods. It is my favorite part of the process but oddly enough I’m still getting satisfaction packing and shipping, there is something rewarding slapping on my Sweaty Hangtag and heading to the Post Office everyday!! And by the way, my tan is not suffering too much in my outdoor office and I have a beautiful view of the ocean so I’m hardly suffering. It won’t be fun going back to the garage in Westchester but that’s another story and a couple of months away!

I have no idea what the future holds as much as I’m an optimist, I’m also a realist but for now The Sweaty Blonde has a mission with goals and objectives that I look forward to everyday and as long as the orders keep coming I will keep creating. 

The rest of June will be inspired by Summer Colors, a healthy mix of brights and lights and the long awaited HOODIE!!

Next week we publish our first Sweaty Blonde Newsletter so please be sure to sign up with your email and keep spreading the Sweaty 💜

Oh yes and a quick shoutout to my Summer Intern who has been a huge sounding board, a big help maintaining the website and other random stuff you need to know to build a brand.


stay cozy • stay comfy • stay colorful


xo Liv

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