The Sweaty Blonde is Real!

Hello My Sweaty Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read another blog post. Still on the fence as to the flow but we will know it when it feels right. My biggest concern is too many emails, love letters, you know's not my jam! I will always be very sensitive to the information and how often things are being sent.  

Ok, so now that we got the formalities out of the way lets talk crazy for a few.  As The Sweaty Blonde closes out its first month in "business" (actually 2 weeks), I have determined it's a viable and sustainable business model. I don't know much about business as a true liberal arts major but I do know when demand could easily exceed supply that's a good thing!  I have spent this last week managing customer expectations to try and fulfill every order while keeping close track of a fast growing pre-order list for certain color palettes.  All good things, I am still running on adrenaline and I know if this continues as I believe it will based on my vision and the amazing business conversations I have this week, The Sweaty Blonde is one step closer to that lifestyle brand I had always dreamed about.  

Now if I believe the above to be true then it is time to legally establish my business and formally draft my business plan. All the "not the stuff dreams are made of for a girl like me" - just that sentence gives me a headache but I am going to do it, set it up right from the start - June 1, 2020 - has a little ring to it. Guess what it also happens to be National Dare Day & Flip a Coin Day, seems fitting :)

June is gearing up to be a very exciting month.  As I set up "temporary work from home" location (but where else do I work) in my happy place, Block Island USA, I look forward to lots of new and different color and design inspiration.

June At A Glance 

Product Launches

  • The Sweaty Blonde Kid
  • Sweaty Accessory

Boutique Debut

  • Wildflowers Boutique, Block Island

Sweaty Giveaway

  • Sweaty Blonde will have monthly giveaways that will be announced and conducted on social media.

The Sweaty Blonde Newsletter 

A "newsletter" will launch at the end of the month. My vision is still a work in progress...simple, colorful and customer driven are my goals.  Never to late to be in the KNOW...sign up on homepage.

June Charity Announcement

I'll sign off with another Thank You, I know I keep saying it but I really mean it...waking up to comments, dm's, orders and positive encouragement make me so excited to start the day!! 

stay cozy | stay comfy | stay colorful 

xo Liv 








  • Hi Olivia!

    What size do you think I should order for Lily (8) and Fiona (5)?

  • Liv,
    So excited for you and this new venture. Your success is well deserved. I Love my Sweaty Blonde sweatshirt. Will be ordering another soon.
    xoxo, DZ

    Danielle Zinzi
  • “The universe has no restrictions. You place restrictions on the universe with your expectations.” ~Deepak Chopra

    Expect absolutely everything because you deserve it!
    XO J9

    Jeanine Isabella
  • Love everything about this. Wishing you much success! The girls and I love your sweatshirts so much we wear almost every day. ❤️

  • Good Morning! I want to order masks. do you have any kids masks available? Please get back to me and let know how to order. I can’t find a form. Have a great time on Block Island. Hope to see you soon.

    margaret hayes

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