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By now, if you are here, I am guessing that you have read the About Me page on my website.  It’s 100% true and a week is booming! That is such a corny phrase but holy shit, I could stay up for the next 3 days and I might get caught up. So pathetic, my back hurts from standing and dying, my brain hurts from planning, my eyes hurt from the computer but it’s all good - I’m running on adrenaline! I guess until I’m not. 

I had to hire my first Summer INTERN. Turns out she is a natural with years of experience launching products, dealing with vendors, has all these easy spreadsheets yet she insists on pen and paper 🙄 and don’t lose the pen (it could ruin the day!), highly organized - it amazes me how much she can will remember about sizes, colors, inventory etc.  So Quick with a decision, makes my head spin, rattles off... yep 4 Small, 8 Med etc. I’m not complaining...I am happy to adjust - she’s cheap labor, works through lunch, and loves office happy hours  ~ Thanks Mom!!  My only dilemma - she plans on leaving me for the summer in 5 days ~ we might need to move this operation to the Island! The Sweaty Blonde - Made with ❤️ From Block Island! 

Thank you all so much for your support and your referrals. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks but so exciting.  Today, I will place my largest order yet making sure I have enough inventory to set up my little Pop Up Shop on Block Island!!  Tomorrow I will deliver a couple of distressed sweatshirts to a very special influencer that reaches from Palm Beach to the Hamptons for a little video “shoot” and photo op. 
This is really happening guys...I’m building a brand ~ The Sweaty Blond is off to do great things!!

Stay tuned, new designs next week and a few limited edition pieces!!  I am also trying to add a donation meter - so we can see the $$$ climb daily!! 

love ya!!


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  • Love your web site good f03 you and your business good for you

    Sandra C Hopf

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